We are Smack Dab.

Creating branded video content shouldn't be hard, let's work together to create a visual message that won't be soon forgotten!

Who we are.

We are storytellers, first and foremost, and we believe that every great message is better received with a dose of humor. With backgrounds ranging from production on Fox & Sony films, to creating ad copy for companies like Exxon-
our team's industry experience is wide and varied.


We love telling stories and your brand is a story! Whether you're coming to us with a very rough concept or just your product- our expertise in copywriting and storyboarding will set up your video for success


The devil is in the details! There's much more to production than merely putting your product or service on display! From location scouts to casting, from production hires to equipment rentals and everything in between- we've done it all! Let us worry about the brass tacks so you can focus on your message.


"Lights, camera, ACTION!" Surely you've heard this before and now is the time it's most relevant. All of the work from the two previous phases culminate in the times and dates scheduled to record your video content!


Once all of your content is "in the can" from the production phase, our post-production process- including the edit, sound design and music supervision- will help sculpt the final branding content that your audience will see!

How we work.

1 We want to get a feel for you and your brand with an initial meeting. Our team of will then work with you through what we call a "blank canvas" to sculpt the vision for your video- including ad copy, color palette & tone.

2 Our production team will then take this information and work on casting your piece, securing locations, putting together a crew, renting necessary equipment and any other pre-production tasks as needed.

3Once pre-production is finalized and shooting date(s) are set we will move forward with producing your branded content and work with you through the post-production phase, adding your input the whole way.